Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve at last – presents are wrapped, house is sort of tidy (have hidden the mess!). It’s another one of those strange bittersweet days. I love Christmas Eve – all the excitement and expectations but it’s also a time when I remember people who are no longer here.
My Father died from a brain tumour on Christmas Eve 1979 – the pain has gone but the memories still remain. It was a difficult time for my brother’s as they were both young children. My Mother died just before Christmas last year and I had to have two of my beloved cats put to sleep this year, so I suppose there is a lingering feeling of loss.

Visited some old friends today – I’ve known their three children since they were babies – it’s been amazing to watch them grow. The oldest boy is 15 and played me a CD of his band’s recordings – it sounded really good, reminiscent of ‘Green Day’. My own daughter is now ten and already turning into a proper young girl - she wanted ‘real perfume’ for Christmas!

My partner has bought the cats a present for Christmas – he loves those cats! It’s one of those battery powered hamsters in a ball – he tried it this morning and it wouldn’t work so he had to trail over to the Metrocentre to get a replacement – which is a bit of a shame as he works at the Metrocentre and this was his day off.
Anyway I’m going to break open the Cherry Brandy and Iceland party food and settle down to watch some TV – Merry Christmas all. X X X

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