Saturday, April 24, 2010

It was St George's Day yesterday - it doesn't really get as much of a mention as it should - he's our patron Saint so why not - we could celebrate all that's good about England - it's also William Shakespeare's birthday so even more reason to give it a mention.

It's been a gloriously sunny day today - hope it lasts a few days - the cats have been playing outside most of the day and Sarah has been blowing bubbles for them to chase - we've had 'cat ballet' as they jump and twist. I've got a tub of Cornish Vanilla ice cream in the freezer which I might just break out!

Monday, April 19, 2010

So there I was blogging about the decline in our birds when in runs Angel (above) with a robin in her mouth. They don't catch many birds but they do like to prove me wrong - I held it's little body in my hands as its life ebbed away and the warmth left it....I howled inside and shed a few tears but cats are hunters by nature and this is the dark side that we have to accept when we invite them in - I cry for each tiny body but they do it because they are cats.

I've added my friend's Blog to the list at the right, please take a look, some of her posts might just strike a chord with you.

Where has all the birdsong gone?
When I moved into this house 20 years ago I was often woken early in the morning by birdsong - nothing special just sparrows, starlings, blackbirds. I wasn't always happy being woken at 4 am in the summer - the sun was up, the birds were singing and I couldn't get back to sleep.
Now each morning, even in summer, there is silence. Yes I live in a city, yes my garden is tiny and yes I have seven cats but apart from the number of cats increasing over the years, nothing has changed. My garden backs onto other gardens so there is plenty of room for wildlife but even the hedgehogs seem to have deserted us. I'm not the only one to notice this - the lack of house sparrows and starlings - at one time they were all over but now I can go for days without seeing any.
Even in the centre of town the pigeons seem to be the only birds thriving - at one time you would see little house sparrows darting in and out between pigeons and starlings but now there are only the pigeons and the odd crow.
I feel a little sorry for the pigeons - they congregate around the Haymarket bus station waiting for crumbs from sandwiches and Greggs pasties - I watch them when I'm waiting for my bus to work - many seem to have injuries to their feet and legs, some are scrawny and sad looking. Many people regard them as vermin - rats with feathers, vermin with wings - but I can't think of them in that way - they have just as much right to be here as anyone else - it's probably the human race who have overrun.
Back to the garden birds - there has been a noted reduction - it's estimated that there are ten million fewer house sparrows in the UK than there were twenty five years ago - so what else may have disappeared in that time...................

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's halfway through April already - where does the time go?
We've had a few spring days but true to form it's raining yet again. Meanwhile all the airports have ground to a halt due to a massive cloud of volcanic dust floating over from Iceland. Hoping I can use this as an excuse if I'm late for work - "Sorry I'm late, the bus got caught up in a massive cloud of volcanic dust" - well it's worth a try!

Work and other distractions have kept me from blogging - not an excuse - it's my own fault.

Facebook - wonderful and evil at the same time - I can keep in contact with my brother in Denmark, speak to old and new friends - however there are also so many little distractions which eat away at my time - I should be painting (or God forbid - ironing ) but all those little games and applications vie for my attention - it's just as well Facebook is blocked at work.