Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's halfway through April already - where does the time go?
We've had a few spring days but true to form it's raining yet again. Meanwhile all the airports have ground to a halt due to a massive cloud of volcanic dust floating over from Iceland. Hoping I can use this as an excuse if I'm late for work - "Sorry I'm late, the bus got caught up in a massive cloud of volcanic dust" - well it's worth a try!

Work and other distractions have kept me from blogging - not an excuse - it's my own fault.

Facebook - wonderful and evil at the same time - I can keep in contact with my brother in Denmark, speak to old and new friends - however there are also so many little distractions which eat away at my time - I should be painting (or God forbid - ironing ) but all those little games and applications vie for my attention - it's just as well Facebook is blocked at work.

1 comment:

Mila said...

So happy to see you updating.
Mind the volcanic dust!