Sunday, May 06, 2007

I've been trying to get back into painting after many years - I passed my A level art approx. 28 years ago but I was never a fantastic artist. So I finally succumbed and decided to try and make a colour wheel. Had a look through the Nita Leland book "Exploring Colour" and decided to use lemon yellow, azo yello med., quin red, permanant rose, ultramarine and Phthalo blue (GS). You can just about see my haphazzard attempt. Just to compare a few colours I put splashes of other tube colours around the outside - Buff titanium, phthalo green (BS), cad orange, cad red light, quin magenta, diox purple - all are Winsor and Newton Finity range except for the Buff tit.
which is System 3. My daughter wanted to get involved so I let her paint some of the colour patches.

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