Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I recently bought myself a 'cheapish' MP3 player from eBay so I could pass the time listening to music while travelling to work. I used to think they were anti-social items but I can see the attraction when you're travelling some distance on public transport - I can close my eyes and sink into the music and be transported somewhere else.

I do like some of today's music but I have to admit to filling my MP3 player with lots of 'old' music. Today I was listening to one of my favourite albums from the 80s - A letter from St. Paul by The Silencers. Lots of jangley guitars and sweet boyish voices - however listening to the lyrics you find the music is deeper than it first seems.
I think the CD is long out of print but there is a 'best of' which features some of the tracks though I recommend the original CD if you can find it.

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