Thursday, February 05, 2009

I have to admit I have never had much time for Jade Goody and Big Brother but I do feel sorry for her after reading about all she has gone through recently and especially now as it looks as though she may even lose her fight against cancer. She is only mid 20s with two young sons, she may never see them grow up.

It's important then to make sure you get a smear test - don't put off because you're embarrassed or frightened - I've had to have treatment myself for pre-cancerous cells.

With this in mind I also want to mention the new HPV jab for young girls which can lessen the chances of developing cervical cancer in later life. There is a UK website with information about the HPV jab.

My daughter is amongst the first wave of girls to be vaccinated in school and so far has had two out of a course of three jabs - strangely enough part of my job includes producing lists and statistics about the HPV.

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