Monday, December 06, 2010

50 Years of Coronation Street

Coronation Street was first broadcast 50 years this week - 6 days before I was born. I remember my Mum watching it when I was a toddler and I suppose I just got sucked into it. It's not the most glamorous of soaps but it's like a nice warm cosy blanket, and that's why I'll be glued to this weeks episodes. Just watched the explosion and tram crash, so we're trying to work out who's not going to survive. So far in the running to die are Ashley, Max, Molly, Rita, Sunita, Peter, Ciaran, Graeme, Fiz's baby and of course bunny boiler Charlotte has already been dispatched by John.
There's a live episode on Thursday and I'm so upset because I'm on a very rare night out - an early birthday night out in fact - never mind will have to catch in on ITV net.


Esther Montgomery said...

I have never fathomed the appeal of Coronation Street. I guess you have nailed it - that if you grow up with something, it becomes part of the fabric of life, regardless of the story line or characters or quality of acting.

If there's been such a big explosion, does this mean that, after fifty years, they are killing everyone off, giving up the programme and retiring on the proceeds?


Fuzz said...

lol.....I think they just want to celebrate their 50th with a bang, and out do Eastenders!