Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wish for the New Year

Well another New Year has arrived and I'm quite happy to see the back of 2013 - not one of my best years. 
I don't generally make new year resolutions any more as I just can't keep them - secrets I can keep - resolutions fail miserably.

So instead I'll 'try' to do certain things - 

  • I'll try to blog at least once a week
  • I'll try to look after myself and get more sleep 
  • I'll try to paint or create at least once a week
  • I'll try to worry less over silly things
  • I'll try to be slightly less chaotic (really tough)
  • I'll try to do more of the little things that make the world a little better
I know these might seem like a bit of a 'cop-out' but I'm done with all the pressure and stress from outside and within - if I can lessen the stress I create for myself then hopefully I can deal with the things I don't have any control over.

I wish you all a good New Year and hope that the highs outweigh the lows xxx


Esther Montgomery said...

Happy New Year! Hope you do, indeed have a better year than 2013. Don't let your plan to be creative once a week come between you and your decision to be less stressed.

Fuzz said...

Happy New Year to you! I definitely have to try and keep the balance between wanting to be creative and making myself stressed over it :)

Renee! said...

Hi there! I just wanted to touch base with you and thank your for your comment and downloading my hearts! It was my first time offering a download and I'd love your feedback... if you had any problems printing, if you thought the colors were off, etc.
So, I see we agree that it's a good riddance to 2013! How are your resolutions coming along? I don't even make them anymore... just always try and do better.
Don't be too hard on yourself about those... just do the best you can and be happy!